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by admin on December 27, 2012

Have you lost a item of importance on the beach of Emerald Isle NC? We can help you find your lost rings, jewelry, gold items,etc. We offer metal detector rentals to help find your lost items. Emerald Isle NC Metal detecting services is a new company this past year , as we have lost our own wedding bands in the past, and soon discovered that many others have lost jewelry in the beach also.

We also offer our services to recover your lost items. We use top of the line metal detectors that the industry has to offer. We have two metal detectors that go underwater  up to a depth of 200 feet. They are all properly maintained and are ready to search. You can rent out our metal detectors, for hourly use or day use. I will post our fees here in this post towards the bottom.

We will need to know basic information when reporting a lost item. Time of day, location, tide, high or low tide. and approx the depth of water you suspected that you lost your ring or jewelry.

Emerald Isle Metal Detecting Services

Rentals Fees,  75.00 first hour, 60.00 second hour, 50.00 third hour and so on.   3 hours will cost you 185.00

We also can search for you, we are very experienced, and can continue the search long after you have to return home. Our search fee is 250.00 this includes our travel fee and time, we will search for you up to 2 hours. After this time we will continue and keep records of our recovered items  and report to you any lost item that is found that fits the description of your item lost. Alot of times depending in the tides and weather conditions lost items will appear at later dates.  The Sooner you report your lost item on Emerald Isle NC metal detecting services the greater the recovery rate to find your lost jewelry!


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