Myrtle Beach Metal Detectors

Myrtle Beach SC Metal Detector Rentals | Ring Recovery Service Beach Sand & Water

Welcome to our website, We are brand new and truly hope to share our craft and service with you as a beach metal detector professional.

We hope that you have found our website because you are in search of your lost jewelry and or item that you cannot be without because of a beach misfortune!  We are here to help as much as we can with the recovery of your lost ring, engagement ring, or other priceless jewelry that has been lost either while swimming in the ocean or sunbathing on the beach!


 We provide metal detecting services for Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle, Surfside Beach, Garden City beach and beyond.  We also provide metal detector rentals on a day rate. We have the latest professional deep seeking metal detectors on the market, with beach scoops and all. We also have water proof metal detectors for rent also. They are submersible up to 150ft. We will give you a 10 minute crash course on how to use the machines.

If you are vacationing and happen to not have time to find your lost item, rings, jewelry etc. We can provide a finding service for your lost items for a fee!  We will need some basic information from you as to where , when, what was lost and a description of the item.  Look forward to hearing from you and that you will read our blog and contact us here on our site.

Surfside Beach SC Metal detector service for lost Jewelry

We also provide lost wedding ring and jewelry recovery service for Southside beach and Garden City SC

We provide metal detecting services from Myrtle Beach SC to Atlantic Beach NC. 150 miles of coastal coverage.